Mike and Missy Honeymoon in Romania
Bucharest from the hotel
Bucharest as seen from the Hotel Intercontinental.
Mike on the balcony
Mike on the balcony of our room on floor 12.
The People's Palace.
The People's Palace in Bucharest, the world's third largest building, now being refurbished to accomodate the Romanian Parliament.
Bucharest train station.
Waiting for the train to take us to Brasov,
Mike tries to remain incognito...
The town square in Brasov
The square in Brasov - they were taking the stage & seating down after a large concert which had featured Pink, Roland Keating and others.
Mike and Ursus (beer)
Mike fell in love with Ursus beer - made in Cluj, Romania.
Well, it's the beer with the bear!
Raining on the way to Bran.
On the way to Bran Castle - supposedly one of DRACULA'S castles... notice the rain clouds moving in? It was the ONLY rainy day we were in Romania!
A view of Bran
The view of the town of Bran from the castle on the hill above.
At Bran Castle.
The view in Bran Castle.
The entrance to Bran castle.
Mike getting ready to enter Bran Castle.
"Knocking on Dracula's door"?
He HAD to have this picture of him knocking on the castle door
(as did almost every other tourist we saw!).

Inside Bran Castle.
Interior of the castle - metal door to a closet.

The bear on the floor at the castle.
The Castle was a hunting lodge for the King of Romania...
I suppose he shot the bear on the floor.
Mike says: "But Missy, the bear wouldn't have been
on the floor when he shot it"

Sunset over Cluj, and Mike & Missy.
In Cluj - at a wonderful restaurant overlooking the city...
great sunset & picture opportunity.
Liviu and Rodica
Our friends Liviu and Rodica.
Rodica is the person who convinced us to honeymoon in Romania.
More sunset over Cluj.
That wonderful sunset with the city of Cluj in the distance.
The restaurant at the end of Cluj...
This restaurant is almost a symbol of Romania now... it is very modern but most Romanians can't afford to eat here. The prices are very low by western standards... but still represent about two weeks wages for the upper middle class in Romania.
Liviu smiles? for the camera.
Liviu proves that he is indeed "Artistic".
Rodica in the restaurant.
Rodica and Liviu have spent time in the US;
Rodica's MA is from a University in Mississippi.
Missy with sculpture.
Liviu is a sculptor and for a wedding gift he gave us this abstract sculpture.
Missy with Romanian language.
Everyone was amused at Missy's attempt to read Romanian. Da?
Cluj, from the restaurant.
Again, the view from the restaurant, as the sun sets above Cluj.
Important wine discussions at the restaurant.
Mike and Liviu discuss with the waiter the important details
- the kinds of wine to be served with dinner.