Missy Price and Mike Allen got married July 24 2004 in
St. Peter's Church in the Village of Caverswall in Staffordshire England.

The day before the wedding. Missy at Birmingham Airport.
The day before the wedding.
Missy goes to Birmingham airport to pick up Lauren.
Lauren FINALLY arrives - her luggage doesn't!

Harry at the airport.
Harry went with Missy to the airport
- Harry likes airports because he's a pilot
(photo taken with Missy's phone camera)

The helium balloons in the wind.
We spent £50 on helium for balloons... and it was so windy you couldn't tell they had any helium in them *laugh*

Dan & Jennie helping on the morning of the wedding.

Dan and Jennie arrived in the morning to help get things ready.

Missy pinning flowers on Dan.
Missy pins flowers on Dan's lapel.

Lauren dressed for the wedding.
Lauren's luggage finally arrived ½ hour before it was time to dress!
The vicar with Margaret & the service sheets.
The Vicar and Verger show Margaret the service sheets
that Missy and Mike prepared
Missy with Tom before the wedding.
I'm not sure if Tom was whisking away flies,
or pointing out to Missy that she really needed a hair cut.

The exiting of the knave.
Exiting the nave.

Missy thinks "I gotcha!"
Mike says that this picture looks like Missy is saying
'I've gotcha" and he's saying "WHAT HAVE I DONE?"

Just signed the Register.
Just signed the Register.
From left: Justin, Missy, Mike & Tom.

Tom, Margaret, Missy and Mike
This is my favorite picture.

Mike surpised by what Missy said...
Mike sure looks surprised...
(that's because of what Missy has just told him - Mike)

Toasting each other at the reception
Toasting at the reception.
Showing the rings as we cut the cakes (yes, plural).
Showing off the rings as we cut the cakes.
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